Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Flock - a New Socially Integrated Web Browser!

Wow! - is all I can say about this new Social Web Browser from the makers of Mozilla and Netscape. It's called "Flock" and it certainly is flying high above the rest of the pack!

Give me a browser that will package my whole social life into one place - allowing me to interact with all my friends and family on the various social networking sites available - in a user-friendly and innovative way - well, then you've won me over already!

After noticing that my Netscape Browser was out of date today after doing a user-test on a recent web design on it, I came to realize that they (Netscape) were actually discontinuing the support for this product and at the same time were actually promoting something apparently far more advanced and futuristic. It was a browser that incorporated all of Mozilla's nuts and bolts but also added an extra dimension to it by allowing users to interact and share with each other in a fashion only previously dreamed about. Of course Flock is going to be a winner - no doubt. It has latched on to current trends in social networking and put this all together into one place.

Social networks have been growing rapidly over the past year with more and more people logging on to sites such as Facebook, YouTube, MySpace and Flickr. The need for people to interact and share with each other in real-time is becoming an essential mix and is directing the future of the Internet for the years to come.

Flock offers the user the ability to share not just text and photos but entire video as well. It also integrates with sites such as YouTube so that you can share footage between your network of friends easily. It can import all of your Favourites settings from Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox or an external file and if you like to use online
favorite-sharing websites as well, then Flock's integrated tools are for you.

With built in feed tracking (for both ATOM and RSS feeds) it means that keeping up to date with news sites or blog sites is as simple as clicking a link and it means you can also become a news provider yourself by hosting your own blog.

Lastly, but not least - the real coup for Flock is how it manages all the above, creating a very personal and user-friendly experience. It literally "flocks" together all your important stuff putting it into a singular place and making it extremely easy to access and use.
This place is aptly named ''My World' and it is here that it collects together all of your favorite web sites, feeds and media, and puts
it all just one click away. You can also easily personalize your My World page and many
aspects of the Flock browser interface.

I have only just started to get to grips with the powerful Flock interface and I admit it is like starting to learn how to drive again - daunting at first - however I can already see after only about 1 hour of using it that this browser is here to stay, and poses a definite threat in the browser-war between Netscape (Mozilla) and Microsoft (Internet Explorer). I must admit that I can see myself becoming seriously addicted to Flock especially when I am feeling in one of those more sociable moods however I will not be binning my Internet Explorer or Firefox browsers. I always say the "more the merrier" and I will embrace all three browsers- combining the positives of each one to suit my work mode.

To download Flock visit : http://www.flock.com/


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