Friday, March 11, 2005

10 steps to higher search engine position

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Search Engine Optimisation - 10 steps to higher search engine position.

Did you know that there are many legitimate and sure-fire ways of getting higher search engine position that avoid having to use cheating methods or unethical search engine practices such as spamming and cloaking?

In an article I read recently by I agree entirely that if you follow the Rules of Thumb when dealing with search engines, you are more likely to do well in the long-term for your website than if you choose to go with the fast-track option that many companies are now offering for "guaranteed Top 10 results in 14 days"

It is well known that search engines are becoming more diligent in these practices and are also becoming more militant when it comes to sites trying to cheat their way to the top so it does not bode well to go down this route, especially since they (search engines) ultimately have the power of authority and can ban you completely from their listings - a huge error to be made on any business' part.

Simply put, there are ten major steps to good optimisation (there are obviously plenty of other things you can do to increase your rankings and position - but these 10 are generally considered a definite yes-yes when it comes to following simple rules outlined by most if not all the search engines.

1. Choosing Keywords
2. Site Content
3. Site Structure
4. Optimisation
5. Internal Linking
6. Human Testing
7. Submissions
8. Link Building
9. Monitoring
10.Reward yourself!!

To read more detail about these steps I suggest you visit the website to gain more insight. They are an excellent source of information and I credit them entirely for providing this article.