Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Feathers of Hurstpierpoint is now online!!

We have just completed a new look website for Feathers of Hurstpierpoint, a ladies fashion outlet based in Hassocks, Brighton.

Running a successful female fashion clothes and accessories shop since 1982, Feathers shopowner Anne, decided to get some online presence to help boost her sales and increase her market exposure a few years back. She chose to design and host her site, thinking that it was the ideal option as they are a large reputable company. What she got was a couple of very raw and unattractive web pages with very minor details about her business. After a few years of basically not getting what she wanted, wasted hours hanging on the phone after being put on hold, needing to make edits to her site but not being listened to, Anne decided to call it a day and get some outside help.

Her brother-in-law Richard, a Princes Trust mentor, decided to get in touch with Future IT Services (our business was initially helped by The Trust so there was common ground already) on her behalf to see if we could help produce a website that would fit their image. Of course we were only too delighted to be of assistance and over the course of a few weeks we put together a nice, quaint little website complete with online gallery, map location finder, upcoming events page and much more.

Now they have a trendy website which fits their needs entirely. Of course there will be regular updates to the site which Future IT Services is only too prepared to cater for and which was in fact included in the modest £500 price.

Feathers can be found by visiting

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