Monday, April 28, 2008

Future IT Services is moving address!

** Announcement of Future IT Services' intended change of address **

Dear Customers,

On August 3rd 2008, Future IT Services will be moving its base of operation and will be located in Winchmore Hill, North London thereafter.

This move is for personal reasons alone, and will not be affecting any customers in any way. Web hosting will remain unaffacted throughout this period as will all other services.

There may be minor disruptions such as not being contactable via email or phone for a few days (while the office is prepared etc), but hopefully all things will run smoothly and business will back to normal within a week.

Our new address will be sent to all existing customers in due course via email, and will be advertised on the business website once the move is complete however, for the meantime its business as usual and I can be contacted via the normal channels.

Hope this news will reach you well and hope that you will continue to use my services regardless of the change of address.

Many thanks,

Lee Pearman, BSc

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

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Free IQ Test Score - Get Your IQ Score